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Os.Kar S.r.L. was founded 15 years ago in Sassari along with the first production of standard UIC wagons, Rgmms-Remms series, which were marketed throughout Europe.
Os.kar is an innovative trademark, conceived by highly experienced modeltrain enthusiasts working for years in the industry, with previous experience in high grade handcrafted productions.
Since then the company has came a long way, setting aside most of the inclinations and preconceptions that model railroad carried around foryears. Will a remarkably accurate model ever work on a train layout?
Does a lightweight motorized railcar need to have its internal area occluded by the engine and its mechanical parts?

Can the industrial production challenge, in terms of refinement and sophistication, the quality of handcrafted products if it maintains costs and prices in line with all competitors?
Os.kar has searched for concrete solutions to these contrasts, supported by copious technical and photographic documents, by the expertise of diverse outstanding designers, by the choice of suppliers, by the consistent and unfailing connections with fans and associations, so that each new model proposed by Os.kar evokes equal strong emotions as when observing original railroad vehicles.


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